Covid Uncertainty in 2021

In a recent webinar, attendees responded to a poll by answering that uncertainty around Covid is one of the biggest concerns about 2021. It shouldn’t be!

I started with responder poll results. I found the responses to this question: “My biggest concerns for 2021 are…” intriguing. The number one response was “continued uncertainty around Covid” while the 2nd most common response was “new regulations from Democratic administration.” Fifty percent chose the first, and 38% chose the latter.

When I pursued the reasoning for ongoing Covid concerns, the dominant response was related to new variants. They each admitted that they knew how to handle scheduling and keeping people safe. Many had reduced product offerings and felt comfortable they could make smart rationalization decisions as conditions might change. They had confidence in science to modify vaccines quickly to address new variants. Yet that worry remained top of the list.

When we can define our areas of uncertainty, and have recently experienced them, there is no excuse for not being ready if they reoccur. Here are 3 things every manufacturer should have at hand right now:

·     What are the key triggers that would lead to a change in strategy as of now?

·     Who is tracking them to wave the flag should it be needed?

·     Do you know what decisions you would make under various conditions?

Plan for the predictable, be ready for the likely, and have a disaster recovery plan for all monsters that you find under the bed. If you already know them, they are more a difficult pet than a true monster.

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