As Michelangelo said, “I am Still Learning.” Something all true leaders prioritize….

At Your Convenience:

Eight weeks of unlimited access to me as you and your team work through this video series. Twelve videos packed with pragmatic actionable advice and helpful exercises to guide you through developing your own approach to Manufacturing Greatness.  This is for the manufacturing executive, or high potential candidate, who wants to work at his own pace, with support available as needed.


Events and Seminars

November 26-28, 2018:  Berlin, Germany:  If you really want to branch out and see what others around the world are doing, attend this European version of the American Manufacturing Summit and attached supply chain summit. This one  has been around longer and incorporates truly advanced thinking.

December 1-4, 2018:  Cleveland, OH:  If you want to learn how blockchain is being used by business and how it can help yours, the Blockland Solutions Conference is a great opportunity. I have registered and am eager to learn and contribute.

January 30 – February 1, 2019:  Tokyo, Japan:  If you still think 3D printing is for prototypes, you should consider this opportunity at Japan’s Event for Design to Manufacturing Innovation event.