As Michelangelo said, “I am Still Learning.” Something all true leaders prioritize….

At Your Convenience:

Eight weeks of unlimited access to me as you and your team work through this video series. Twelve videos packed with pragmatic actionable advice and helpful exercises to guide you through developing your own approach to Manufacturing Greatness.  This is for the manufacturing executive, or high potential candidate, who wants to work at his own pace, with support available as needed.


Events and Seminars

March 18, 2021:  Virtual:  Becky will lead a panel discussion of global experts on The Future of Manufacturing with Edge & Industrial Analytics. Hosted by IIoT World, this virtual Manufacturing Day conference is free until March 12, 2021.

May 19, 2021:  Cleveland, OH:  Becky will keynote the Entrepreneurs Association event on the campus of John Carroll University. The focus will be on her new book (scheduled for release June 2021) Manufacturing Mastery:  The Path to Building Successful and Enduring Manufacturing Businesses.

May 27, 2021:  Cleveland, OH: EDGE, a NE Ohio based organization focused on building businesses in the area, will feature Becky Morgan as she shares “Operations Strategy: Building Capacity for Your Company.”