Services Overview

I am committed to improve the client’s condition as rapidly as possible. The services described here are designed to provide the expertise you want and need.

Transforming Operations. Transforming Business.™


Getting The Help You Need

Operations Strategy Consulting:

Working without an operations strategy creates heroes, but at the expense of profits.

  • Becky guides clients through definition, assessment, or enhancement of the operations strategy and an effective implementation. Don’t settle for Delusional Excellence(TM).

Strategy Execution Support:

What is strategy without effective execution?

  • Incongruous decision-making is expensive. Becky weaves strategy into the fabric of your operations.

Let’s Get Started:

The competition is not waiting. Don’t let day-to-day challenges preclude operational competence the market requires.

  • We identify and develop critical capabilities, advancing internal resources as we go.

Finish Strong® Coaching:

It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top. Benefit from an expert advisor — someone who is in your corner, whose only agenda is the success of you and your company, and who understands the journey you are taking.

  • Both proactive and responsive, Finish Strong® Coaching navigates you through the rapids.

Sounding Board:

Sometimes you need a responsive expert available for real-time consultation.

  • Whether you are stuck or want a second opinion, Becky will listen, challenge your thinking and share hers.

Board of Advisors/Directors:

Manufacturers benefit from a board with the operational expertise that Fulcrum provides.

  • Becky’s diverse background provides valuable insights to complement and challenge the thinking of other board members and the executive team.