Fulcrum raison d’être

My Mission:  To enable 1000s and 1000s of people involved in manufacturing to enjoy recognizing and achieving their potential as they contribute to improved quality of life.

My Vision:  Manufacturing is recognized as a worthwhile and positive profession as together we change the world for the better.

My Approach:  Help mission-driven leaders think differently, strategically, and more long term, to build profitable enduring businesses that improve the quality of life.


I am fully committed to the success of manufacturing organizations that want to improve the lives of all five constituencies:  employees, customers, suppliers, investors and the community at large.


Let’s work together to design and build the future your company seeks. Don’t be satisfied with Delusional Excellence®.




“Becky’s skills and depth of knowledge have helped our company realize our goals. We have had and continue to have success as a result of the great advice and guidance that Becky has provided.”

Wendy Wloszek, President, Industrial Mold & Machine