Finish Strong® Podcast Series The journey to excellence is not a simple one, nor does it follow a straight line. This podcast series addresses issues important to manufactures worldwide. Becky's insights include commentary on global, strategic, and tactical issues, as well as observations on current challenges and opportunities in manufacturing businesses. Feel free to suggest topics of interest to you; no doubt Becky will have something to say that will make you think.

Decide. It Will Hurt Much Less.

Managers who delay necessary actions often do so out of a distaste for conflict. I’ll bet you can think of 2 or 3 decisions you should be making right now, but you’re hesitant to do so. Examine the reason why you delay the action you know you should take. Lack of confidence? Fear of handling it incorrectly? Being 2nd guessed by your boss?

Why Finish Strong®?

Your business will be most successful when you consider it a culmination of a series of races, some run simultaneously, and each one that you and your team must finish strong. Sometimes finishing may mean pulling up lame and preparing for the next race, sometimes it may mean making a significant course correction, sometimes it may mean changing your relay partners.

But you, and your business, can only win the race to your vision when in each effort you repeatedly Finish Strong.

Stop Wasting Time!

Most of us are sick and tired of Zoom meetings. The quick move from office to work-from-home changed the way we communicate and develop relationships. Sadly, we are using a valuable tool (Zoom for most of us) to replace meetings, instead of vastly improve them.

Ask yourself, what other technology advances are we using to copy our previous methods rather than actually improve our business? That describes many ERP implementations, and many other “software solutions.”

Technology is not a solution.  It is an enabler.  People still have to think.