Finish Strong® Podcast Series The journey to excellence is not a simple one, nor does it follow a straight line. This podcast series addresses issues important to manufactures worldwide. Becky's insights include commentary on global, strategic, and tactical issues, as well as observations on current challenges and opportunities in manufacturing businesses. Feel free to suggest topics of interest to you; no doubt Becky will have something to say that will make you think.

Quality and Education Are Free

Phillip Crosby stunned many when in 1980 he published the book Quality is Free. In manufacturing we believed there was a choice between quality and quantity. He proved us wrong and now few challenge the experience that both come together. Now some executives are afraid to invest in employees because they might leave. Another false choice.

Complacent Competency

When a company has made significant gains in operational efficiency and believes it has an ingrained improvement mentality, it can be tempting to let the foot off of the brake. I call that complacent competency. It can begin to sneak in slowly, and before you know it employees are no longer challenged and customers no longer thrilled. Leadership can never become complacent.

Are breakthrough products driven by sociology or technology

A great product or service can be provided before its time, or after, or exactly right. Sociology is as important to that timing as technology is. Are people ready? Are they interested? Do they care? Product life cycle is impacted by competition, alternatives, and evolution in both sociology and technology.