Client Results

Creating Flow

Our significant repeat business affirms the amazing results we have delivered with our clients since 1990.

Clients have credited us with:

  • Millions of dollars in increased profits
  • Creating free cash flow that eliminated external financing
  • Slashed inventory, lead-times and costs that enabled doubling of sales within existing infrastructure
  • Rationalization of markets, customers and products to free critical resources and multiply profitability
  • Increased market share by accelerating speed and improving business decision-making

Across manufacturing industries we have dramatically improved financial results through transforming operations.  Clients have repeatedly voiced wonder at the extraordinary improvements quickly realized.  Whether defining an operations strategy, implementing critical capabilities, or simply providing advice to leadership, we make great things happen.

In under two hours at one client we identified the flow bottleneck, recommend changes, and increased shipping that same day.  A major customer relationship was saved.

We transitioned a client from a piece-rate compensation system to pay-for-skills to support the lean transformation we led. The owner’s one-word description of the results of our work together: “amazing.”

We led a job shop client in the implementation visual systems that resulted in improved product flow and lead times slashed by 75%. We also helped them move to Lean Accounting to eliminate wasteful reporting and job costing.  Sales, profits and cash soared.

Multiple clients have escaped cash flow nightmares through our work together.

What results would make a magnificent difference in the future of your business?