“Becky helped us evolve our organization, develop our operations strategy and make it actionable so we could turn it into real results. Becky has been a real asset to us and I really appreciate her.”

Joe Pullella, VP Manufacturing, VitaMix Corp

“If you are truly ready to have an objective mirror held up against the state of your manufacturing operations, along with the deep commitment required to march on the path of continuous improvement, Becky is the resource you should use. She not only gets to the root of your issues, she remains engaged throughout the process to help resolve them.”

Vince Slusarz, COO, Kinetico, Inc.

“I highly recommend Becky to help with any manufacturing-related issues. I hired her, and was amazed how she was able to come in to a manufacturing plant and quickly identify opportunities to improve efficiency and fix problems. Her insight was fantastic and her services were a great investment.”

Jon Hedges, GM, SuperTrapp Industries

“Becky stands apart from the myriad business, productivity, lean, and operations consultants. Becky brings first-rate skills to every engagement. Her personal work experience in operations coupled with her passion for continuous learning & growth make her the equivalent of several different consultants. Becky’s integrity and dedication to each client make her special.”

Brian Fink, VP Operations, Mantaline

“I had the opportunity to work with Becky while re-designing the organization and processes of a traditional Materials organization to one with responsibility and accountability. Becky was a tremendous help when I was working on an organizational redesign and work flows. Becky is a first class business professional and always focused on the business objectives of the customer. She has the unique ability to bridge the gap between; service consultancy, the needs and expectations of client Management and those of the end user. Becky always worked toward a win win for client Management and the end user. Class A performer”

Art Koch, Director Supply Chain, Avery-Dennison

“Becky did an excellent job putting together a great strategic direction for our quality systems and I would recommend hiring her.”

Paul Calaway, Director, Operations & Supply Chain Beckett Gas

“Becky is someone I have known and admired for a very long time. She’ll stop and ask ‘who are you, culturally where have you come from, where do you want to go,’ so she can ensure your introduction starts in a manner befitting all that. Our journey has been very successful so far and I attribute a lot of that to the fact that we started right. If you’re thinking about Lean, you should think about Becky.”

Ronne Proche, President & CEO, Zircoa

“Becky was instrumental in giving us a roadmap to make our company a better company. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Gary Davis, President, Aetna Plastics

“We expect, as we continue to follow the principles that Becky has instilled in our organization, we will continue to see greater profits. I would recommend her to anyone.”

Eric Laker, Owner, Lashbrook

“Becky’s skills and depth of knowledge have helped our company realize our goals. We have had and continue to have success as a result of the great advice and guidance that Becky has provided.”

Wendy Wloszek, President, Industrial Mold & Machine

“We hired Becky to help us reduce inventory and improve quality and space utilization. She helped us convert to cells and left us with the knowledge of how to do that.”

Annette Dockus, VP, Operations, Superior Tool Company

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