Common Sense Since Charge Commencement

Have you noticed how people boarding a plane now stow their carry-ons in the front most open overhead? This of course forces subsequent boarders with seats towards the front to stow their carry-ons rows behind their seats. The processes of boarding and unboarding the plane are both slower as a result. Maybe people were always void of common sense, but this myopic behavior seems common since airlines started charging fees to check luggage.

The behavior is really about risk aversion. People in the rear of the plane are concerned that they will not find open space near their seats so they (logically to the risk averse) place their luggage above seats in front. Of course this decision doesn’t impact how much luggage will fit on the plane; only where it is stored, and how much is stored inconveniently.

If we are so clueless in public, are we equally void of common sense when making decisions at work? Do we worry only about our own selfish and short-sighted interest without considering the impact on the “team?” Do we avoid imagined risks?

What policies akin to baggage fees has management implemented that impact decision-making that leads to less optimal results?

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