Grow and Deliver

Seems almost like a movie title, doesn’t it? But really the phrase “grow and deliver” is a statement of what most companies want to do, and what it takes to do that. To grow, a company really needs a recognized performance of meeting market and customer needs at a price and profit margin that makes sense for both.

Not all growth is good. Profitable growth compatible with the business strategy for long term success is one thing; growth resulting from price-cutting, serendipity, and desperation is another. Similarly, not all delivery is good. Heroic effort of expediting is hardly the right way to serve customers on a regular basis.

Avis(R) used to claim “we try harder.” They would have had faster more profitable growth if they could have simply anticipated customer needs and had processes in place to effectively deliver them.

If your organization depends on heroes, you’re in trouble. If your growth is haphazard, you’re in trouble.

Grow and Deliver, but do both smartly.

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