Finish Strong® Podcast Series The journey to excellence is not a simple one, nor does it follow a straight line. This podcast series addresses issues important to manufactures worldwide. Becky's insights include commentary on global, strategic, and tactical issues, as well as observations on current challenges and opportunities in manufacturing businesses. Feel free to suggest topics of interest to you; no doubt Becky will have something to say that will make you think.

The number one impediment to transformation

Transformation is a buzzword in common usage, but the word itself has real meaning. It is so much more than change. If you truly see the need to transform, the baby steps of improvement won’t get you there. Organizational mission (why) and vision (what) must reflect the future you are trying to create. Mission and vision are your True North. Strategy evolves, whether you are looking to transform or simply get better. Based on that, do you need to transform?

It is not about the technology

Yes, technology is a common thread to the disruption of many industries. But technology is the great enabler, not the focus. Socioeconomic factors, as in the first industrial revolution centuries ago, are the driver. Profitable manufacturing will require leveraging of emerging technology soon. You—the leader—must concentrate on solving important problems that needn’t exist, and only then consider the role of technology in eliminating them.

The problem with price shopping

Why price shopping expert consultants is not in your best interest: There is always someone cheaper, and always someone more expensive. But that refers to stated price. Great consultants don’t charge by the day, and don’t accept on the surface what you say you need. They constantly ask “why?” Good ones focus on ROI to you and improving the client condition as quickly as possible.