What the 3rd Wave Means for You

What a few months ago we called crisis and swirling ambiguity we now call life. Spreading equipment apart, requiring facemasks inside, sanitizing every surface that hands touch – those are our reality; there is no reason to revert any of that back to prior standards. When Covid is under control, and it will be, we still have colds and other transferable health realities. If you haven’t already, it’s time to optimize production conditions within these parameters.

Your business is different than it was a year ago, and likely different than it will be next year. But whether we’re in the third wave, the fourth or some other place of ambiguity, we can and will figure out how to continue the work towards our missions and visions. That is why they are so important to manufacturers.

Your current strategy may only look to the next 6 months, but that is not a weakness. It is a strength. Evaluate it, execute it, and revise it when needed. You know:  Finish Strong®

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