John Wooden, Lead By Teaching

Sports just lost one of its greatest leaders when John Wooden passed away on June 4, 2010. Widely considered the best college basketball coach ever, Wooden was given the moniker, much to his chagrin, “The Wizard of Westwood,” referring to his amazingly successful UCLA coaching career.

Even if you hate sports, take the time to become familiar with the life and thinking of John Wooden. It takes more than luck to achieve all that he did. It takes great leadership.

Just a few elements from his famous “Pyramid of Success” illustrating 12 lessons in leadership:

  • Good Values Attract Good People
  • Call Yourself a Teacher
  • Little Things Make Big Things Happen
  • Make Greatness Attainable By All
  • Don’t Look At The Scoreboard

If you are familiar with Deming, Shingo, and Ohno, these sound very familiar. The concepts aren’t complex; living them sometimes is. But we can all at least try.

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