Industrial Internet of Things — Data Considerations

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is by definition about the digitization of factors important to your business operations that is not currently captured as data. It could be temperature, speed, humidity, wear or any number of other factors. Digitization creates data, which must be converted into information if it’s to be worth the time and effort to capture it. That information must enable or make better and/or faster decisions than would have been made without it.

There are any number of business considerations in implementing worthwhile IIoT, and there are multiple data decisions that must be made as well. Today’s podcast summarizes the four S’s important in the design of your IIoT system: (1) Security, (2) Stability, (3) Scalability, and (4) Standards. Don’t put those off!

This 3 minute podcast includes explanations and examples of each.

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