How to Define a Mission that Matters

Saying your mission is to be the best at whatever it is that you do, using whatever
technology you use, is meaningless to the outside world. Do you think anyone states
that they want to be mediocre or lousy? So how would that empty statement really 
excite others to join and support your journey? It doesn’t.

A case study:

Over a recent lunch we discussed his mission statement. His website currently 
states: “Our mission is to produce the highest quality vinyl records from both
a sonic and aesthetic perspective at a fair price.”

That is much better than most I see, but after I asked “why?” a few times, he responded that he is devoted to enabling people worldwide to enjoy listening to music that sounds as close to the original as possible.  It’s not about vinyl records. It’s about the enjoyment of music lovers as they listen to his product, which does sound as close to the original as current technologies allow.

Do you notice the difference? It’s never about the product; it’s always about the value the product or service delivers to the customer. That’s where logic converts to emotion, and emotion is what involves people in the dream.

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