Curious About Chicken?

During the last week thousands boycotted Chic-fil-A, others have stood in line for hours to get food from Chic-fil-A, oh, and Curiosity landed on Mars exactly as planned. Chalk one up for science. I really don’t care what the owner of Chic-fil-A, or any other business owner, thinks marriage really means. I certainly won’t plan meals around it. But I did stay up to see Curiosity touch down.

Texas Republicans actually put language in their platform to PREVENT TEACHING CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS IN SCHOOL! They are concerned that critical thinking skills are what allows young people to not accept everything their parents tell them as absolute fact.

I would much rather support the education that enables landing safely on Mars than the one that convinces people to stand in line (to get food or with boycott signs) over one man’s opinion of the definition of marriage.

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