Competition is a Lot Like New York City

As I look through  my hotel window at the New York traffic, I am reminded that this is indeed the city that never sleeps.  The sun is setting, but activity remains high.  That won’t change when I close the curtains and slide into bed.

The same is true of the worldwide competition that manufacturers face.  It never sleeps.  Whether your competitors are simply in additional time zones, or are large companies that operate 24/7/365, when you go home they are still working to unseat you from your best customers.

Terror, fear, and anxiety may be logical under the circumstances but are hardly useful.  But the realization that what used to be good enough is no longer, and understanding that current performance will underwhelm in the near future are both important to getting a good night’s sleep.

The best companies, and those that survived the last major downturn certainly are doing something right, are truly committed to “every one, every day” as they focus on increasing value to the market.  They know strong leadership that shows the way forward with consistency and fortitude will stay ahead of the lesser competitors nibbling at their heels.

If you are one of those lesser competitors, you must learn to survive on the crumbs left by others.  If you are one with strong leadership and effective never-ending commitment to excellence, rest well.

The competition may never sleep, but you can.  And rested, tomorrow you will lead your team to even greater accomplishments.

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