You’re Already Behind!

The end of the calendar year is just that. Nothing more, nothing less. We behave as if the turning of the calendar page marks a huge turning point for our organizations.

Is January 1, 2022 really a critical day in the future of your company? Is December 31 less critical? For public companies, the end of the month, the quarter, and the year are false demarcations of results that have entirely too much impact on behaviors.

For non-public companies, those same calendar pages are used in similar ways: as false deadlines and false starting lines.

Developing, finalizing, and implementing your strategy should be an ongoing process, not one determined by the calendar.

Don’t waste the first few months of 2022, nor any of the others. Every quarter, every month, and every day is of strategic import to your business. Depending on the calendar to tell you when to start and when to finish makes no sense. Depending on your grasp of reality, your vision for the future, and your strategic priorities as of right now does make sense.

If the calendar drives your planning, you’re already behind.

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