Why Did My Vespa Dealer Disappear?

A few short years ago, I bought a new 2007 Vespa from a very nice looking, but new, dealership in the Greater Cleveland area.  I took my bike went there for the initial maintenance, and for the subsequent oil change and “spring check-up.”  This year, the dealership is simply gone.  No call, no connection to a different dealership, no notice in the window, no nothing.

I can take my bike to the one remaining Vespa dealership in this area, but doesn’t it seem that if Vespa were truly interested in customer service, I would have found out about this change other than by getting a call from a friend reporting an empty building?  While the folks at the dealership seemed passionate, nice, and interested in service, they couldn’t make it.

Maybe they didn’t understand service after all, and why would anyone spend thousands of dollars with a company that doesn’t understand service?  I did, but I’ll be very hesitant to buy a Vespa again.  Even if the dealership doesn’t understand service, the manufacturer should.

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