What a Difference Death Makes

We are on our first cruise since the Costa cruise ship sunk off the coast of Italy, killing several passengers. At the mandatory 1st day ‘muster station safety training’ on this trip passengers listened. That’s almost as revolutionary as travelers giving their full undivided attention to the flight attendants as they discuss seat belts, air masks, and flotation devices.

Manufacturers don’t want to kill someone to entice employees and visitors to take safety seriously, but it seems something has to be done to garner and maintain attention.

I’ve met many machinists missing parts or all of fingers. Typically they are the most experienced, who believe they can reach in and back out before the equipment takes action. These are ‘the frequent flyers’ of their industries. The other ‘injury-prone’ subgroup I see are the young tough guys who believe in their own immortality.

High schools often stage badly wrecked vehicles on the lawn to dissuade wreckless and drunken driving at Prom or graduation.

Maybe manufacturers should put the lost appendages of injured employers in a glass jar of formaldehyde by the time clock.

Sounds gross but tell that to those who died off the coast of Italy. Bad things that hurt us are not always created by us. Others can do stupid things too. Awareness is half the battle.

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