Vaccine Distribution Is Not That Difficult

Now that approved vaccines for Covid-19 exist, why is it so difficult to get them from the manufacturers into the hands of those who inject, and then into the arms of those who want to be vaccinated?

For those of us with years in the supply chain profession, it is maddening. Yes, there are complexities to this challenge, but so what? Nothing that we shouldn’t have been able to handle.

So why are we fumbling this so badly?

While it is frustrating to watch our government, and many others around the world, fumble this badly, many manufacturers make equally preventable mistakes for the very same reasons. Poor communication, inability to deal with uncertainty, and substituting simplistic for simple.

What about your manufacturing business seems complicated and gives you and your constituencies fits? I assure you, it can be simplified and made more robust and effective.

You may not be in the life-or-death business, but you can certainly do better than our current vaccine-in-arms processes. See distinctions, see commonalities, give a clear “remember our why” so people can make better decisions, and don’t complexify what can be simple.

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