Trends You Cannot Ignore

When Sirius and XM satellite radio were first developed, the skeptics asked why anyone would ever pay for radio when they could already get it for free.

The answer is the value placed on location independence.

Network tv was surpassed by cable and then satellite, which has now been largely replaced by Netflix and other streaming services. What’s the attraction? Users want control over what they enjoy, as well as when and where. The days of traditional entertainment companies pushing their schedules on consumers are gone.

That same “user controlled pull” trend is reflected in services like iTunes and Spotify that have changed the economic model of music.

Consumers want to take their lives with them wherever they go without any effort. That same thought process is impacting business-to-business products and services.

The third one is in fact bifurcated: Bitcoin is an example of devotion to efficient and completely untraceable secrecy while Facebook is an example of the desire to publicize everything.

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