To Automate, Or Not To Automate

Industry 4.0 is the topic of conversation in manufacturing today. But most of us have not yet figured out all we can and should do with Industry 3.0. What’s the difference, and do we need to wait?

Simply put, Industry 3.0 refers to automation, and Industry 4.0 refers to data — the collection, analysis and improved, faster decision-making it can enable.

But does anyone really care what we call it?

Likely your manufacturing business can benefit from both, even today.

In deciding what to automate in your manufacturing business, I suggest four initial areas of focus. Those are safety, speed, precision, and leveraging human capabilities. In this podcast I discuss those four, and how to think about why you would consider each.

In my next podcast, I will discuss Industry 4.0 — how to think about data in propelling your business forward.

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