The One Thing Stopping You!

While 2020 and 2021 tossed us all around with unexpected changes, 2022 may well offer much the same. But none of us can afford to be victims.

It’s time to identify that one thing contributing the most to holding you back.

Every company has unspoken assumptions. You know, those ideas that are so obvious to people that there is no need to speak them. But, frequently those are NOT true, and in many cases do not need to be true.

Here are a few examples:

-“our market grows by 3%/year no matter what”

-“to avoid lawsuits we need to treat everyone the same”

-“our customers don’t know what they’re doing”

-“money is the best motivator”

-“”they” won’t let us”

-“”they” don’t come up with any good ideas

Those examples may not be true for you company, but they should give you enough help that you can identify the one undermining your progress.

Identify the unspoken assumptions that underpin action and decision-making at your organization and decide if you truly want your business believing those are true. Or that you want them to be true.

Once you identify and challenge those, there will always be one that has the biggest restraining impact on your organization. Do something about it. Now.

Then take on the next ones.

If you believe your organization doesn’t have any of these, that may be the unspoken assumption that is holding you back the most!

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