That School Up North

As a 30 year resident of Ohio, I have become aware of the vast limitations of that school up north. But strangely, observations of the recent relative resurgence of their football team offer lessons for business leaders.

Following the sleepy eyes of Lloyd Carr and the fire and brimstone of Rich Rodriguez, Brady Hoke has players performing. How?

Safety Jordan Kovacs attributes it to Brady’s (1) understanding of the program’s tradition, (2) passion for the program, (3) tone of mutual respect, and (4) re-establishment of a foundation of toughness, accountability, and pride in the program.  Mostly the same players as last year, but with significantly improved results.

If Hoke can apply those simple principles to successfully get a bunch of 19 year old boys to perform at increasing levels of success, perhaps they would help you do the same with your employees.  If Big Blue can do it, surely you can too.

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