Please! Please Become Disciplined!

If your costs are higher than you want, speed is no where near where it should be, and you all too frequently live in a world of déjà vu lack of discipline is likely a significant self -induced obstacle to success for you. You can’t blame anyone else for this; it reflects leadership.

Trying to avoid micromanagement? Follow up, confirmation of priorities and expectations, and asking if help is needed are three actions that reflect discipline, not micromanagement. Given, that is, that they are done at the right time and frequency and are in no way used to attack.

PDCA is a very simple process that is 75 years old. Many of you claim it, but few of you live it. Most are guilty of a little Plan, some Do, no Check, and Act only when someone feels like making a change. If you want to be the leader of a successful mid-size manufacturing company, focus yourself and your organization on living PDCA in the way it was intended. You’ll be amazed at reductions in cost, increases in speed, and the lack of déjà vu.

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