Move Forward Now, or Delay?

Inconvenience and risk are present in our manufacturing businesses every day. Some should not prevent us from moving forward now; others represent to much potential risk — probability and/or severity — and require delay as we better understand and plan.

You likely do much of this in your head daily, but may not realize that all your employees do the same things. You are not likely aware of what assessment process each uses.

Worker accidents often emanates from failure to understand risk, or the belief that management would expect them to not let a little inconvenience keep them from moving forward.

I encourage your to blatantly discuss out loud your decision making assessment so employees can begin to understand the level of risk the company is willing to accept. And please make clear that taking a chance that could involve an accident is something the company wants no one to do, ever.

Help your employees actively understand the concepts of risk identification and assessment, and how to align their decision making with the company risk tolerance.

Move forward, or delay? Clear communication of actual decision making criteria can reduce fear of second-guessing and speed your organization’s progress.

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