Make Better Decisions

Do you ever say “what was she thinking!” in exasperation? Most of us do. And if we’re honest, we also ask “what was I thinking?”

No one bats 1000 in making great decisions, but all of us can improve the quality of the decisions we make. And we can help others do the same. As leaders, we need to do both.

A few easy-to-implement steps include asking these simple questions:

1) what happens if you are wrong?

2) what alternatives did you consider and reject?

3) what are the downsides of this decision?

If you and your team ask yourselves these three questions when making any decision beyond snacks for the meeting, you’ll find improved decision-making becoming your reality.

This podcast includes a few other suggestions for you to consider. The important idea is that you not see poor decisions as a fact of life with no way out.

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