Great Places to Find Great Employees

“Round up the usual suspects” — a line from Casablanca — unfortunately describes the hiring strategy of many manufacturers. Don’t be one of them!

If you’re looking for the same people you’ve always hired, and through the same sources you’ve always used, why on earth would you expect better results?

How many felons have you interviewed in the last year? Afraid of them? Yes, some may still be dangerous, but many have paid their debt and turned their lives around. Why would you assume they are all dangerous while complaining about lack of workers.

How many adults who graduated a few years ago, perhaps wandered a bit, but in the last year have engaged in some form of additional education or training? That would tell you the person wants to learn and do more. Why not talk with them?

Do you believe all young adults with autism are capable of no more than returning shopping carts from the parking lot to the inside of the store? That is the limit for some, but not for many.

One of my clients now employees about a dozen autistic young adults in their manufacturing operations. One has bought a house and a car and is now running CNC equipment. Yes, that took over a year, but how many of you have wasted a year avoiding candidates outside your typical pool?

If you keep looking where you’ve always looked, look for the same experience levels you’ve always demanded, and aren’t willing to invest in training, well then, I can’t help you. No one can help you. Perhaps you’re counting on a recession to send your pool to your door? Silly.

Do you host high school seniors from inner city schools, or college dropouts? Do you have open house visits for the community? Do you work with your peers to hire people they feel forced to release because of a drop in demand?

If you’re one of the executives saying “no one wants to work” you’re one of the executives digging his own grave. Many want to work. Many want to learn and grow. But many do insist on being treated as a human being and not a cog.

Look away from the “usual suspects” if you truly want to hire some of the best people in your geographic area.

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