Design In Safety and Effectiveness: Lessons From Barcelona

As I write this, I sit in a rental flat in the beautiful city of Barcelona.  I have walked about 5 miles each day so far.  In addition to the people, architecture and food, one of the most impressive things about this great city is its transportation design.

Most streets are one way, with only very large ones bidirectional.  The large streets have one lane side-roads on each side.  These are used by taxis, delivery trucks, scooters and bikes, and on rare occasion cars preparing to turn on an approaching intersection. They also have broad walkways between the access and major road.  There people walk, sit on benches, enjoy the greenery, and peacefully share with the well marked bicycle paths.

Choreography is king. Choreography supported by obvious visual systems is amazingly effective.

And for you manufacturers?  Those monument pieces of equipment are difficult and expensive to move once put in place.  Plan carefully. Smaller ones can and should be located where they best support product quality and flow. Parts delivery and presentation and people and product movement can all be improved.  This city provides ideas to those who can envision free flowing product where the system makes everything obvious.

Could those who can’t dance see and follow the choreography you have designed? You can save time and money and improve safety when the answer is a solid yes.

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