As Michelangelo said, “I am Still Learning.” Something all true leaders prioritize….

At Your Convenience:

Eight weeks of access to me. Twelve videos packed with pragmatic actionable advice and helpful exercises to guide you through developing your own approach to Manufacturing Greatness.  This is for the manufacturing executive, or high potential candidate, who wants to work at his own pace, with support available as needed. Contact me to discuss this series.

Professional Associations

Events and Seminars

February 28-March 1, 2018:  Boston, MA:  Harvard’s executive education series includes this Design Thinking workshop. The methodology and tools of design thinking will be discussed and practiced. If you think innovation is important to the future of your business, design thinking is a topic I encourage you to understand.

March 6, 2018:  Hagerstown, MD:  AME is presenting this one-day workshop, led by the executive team at Meritus Health, on the Improvement Kata.  Kata is a term mostly known from its marshal arts reference; it refers to a repeated pattern that creates mastery. This is a great opportunity to see how these leaders learn and leverage the Improvement Kata in their operations.

April 23-27, 2018:  Hannover Messe, Germany: If you want to learn about Industry 4.0 all in one place, this is the conference for you. Cobots, smart supply, machine learning, AR/VR and much much more. Exposure to global actions and potential will vastly improve your decision making. The rapidly changing ways we produce and learn will change the requirements of leadership. Start the process!

April 23-27, 2018:  Oxford, England:  We can learn from anyone.  This is an opportunity to learn from and with a small group of your peers in a rich experiential environment. Oxford University’s Scenarios Program is a 5-day deep dive into strategic scenario planning. Leading your manufacturing company into a very uncertain future with success and confidence requires preparation for unstructured environments. Non-college-credit course with application required.

May 8-10, 2018:  Raleigh, NCIndustry Week will host its annual conference in North Carolina this year, no doubt reflecting the substantial growth of manufacturing in the SE states. You can count on the high quality content and exhibitors, as always.