Fulcrum raison d’être

Manufacturing is NOT dead, and it won’t be as long as people want things.  The “who,” “what,” “where,” “when” and “how” continually evolve, but “if” is not a question.  To be part of the future of manufacturing requires solid vision and strategy with effective implementation. I improve my client’s condition as rapidly as they can handle.

If a manufacturer seeks to fulfill a meaningful vision, I can help.
If an organization wants to learn and grow, I can help.

And when those two things co-exist it’s time to get started!

Let’s work together to design and build the future your company deserves.



“Becky’s skills and depth of knowledge have helped our company realize our goals. We have had and continue to have success as a result of the great advice and guidance that Becky has provided.”

Wendy Wloszek, President, Industrial Mold & Machine