Audience Testimonials

Audiences respond to the thought-provoking content that Rebecca Morgan presents.

“Your topic and presentation held everyone in their seats.  You were spot on!!!  I had many people comment about how articulate and informative your presentation was.”
And one week later:  “Still receiving accolades on your presentation…great job.”
Dave Chenevert, ED, Rhode Island Manufacturers Association

“It is rare that I am held spellbound for two hours, but you did it yesterday.”
Bryan Hall, NSL Analytical

“Becky is a great speaker! The topic of lean is very important to us, and Becky provided a lot of information, with a unique angle, on how to make lean stick in your organization.”

“Speaker was great. Well presented information and right to the point. I can’t think of anything to improve…”

Comments from Wire-Net attendees

“Thank you! This is very important to why I come to OMTEC.”

“very interesting and thought provoking”

“very knowledgable – expert in her field; lots of insights; please have her back next year”

“presenter did a good job of holding the audience”

Comments from Omtec attendees

Just felt compelled to tell you that Becky was very good.”

Becky was awesome. Her presentation was very well organized and easy to understand, and I thought the way that she related general operations principles to all of our various business environments was very helpful and impressive. And you were right … she’s got a fabulous sense of humor.

Comments from MBA-Lite attendees

“Excellent! Highlight of the day; Excellent speaker; I can sense your passion for the subject”

Comments from PMAC annual Educators’ Seminar

“Had there been a competition on best presentation, I would have voted for yours.”

Michel P. Laurent, Ph.D.; Cabot Microelectronics Corp

“The topic was relevant to IT people…engaging and forward-thinking…very practical…interesting insights.”

Comments from SIM (Cleveland OH) attendees

“I want to thank you again for coming and giving an exceptional presentation on such an interesting topic. I have had a number of people tell me what a fantastic presentation it was.”

James Costello, Struktol Company of America

“Your wit and humor bring an element of honesty that lets the audience now you have walked in their shoes.  Job well done!”

Amy Gress, Ridge Tool Company