Strategy Execution Support

Make Your Strategy a Living Breathing Part of Daily Decision-Making!

Total Cost of Ownership

Just as with the Operations Strategy Support service option, this is an intensive mutual commitment in which Becky will spur you to move as quickly as your organization can handle, but no faster.

The difference is you already know what you want to accomplish and think you know how. You know expert advice along the way will enhance and speed your success.

This is often a project-based relationship.


Common results are:

  • Repeatable processes for implementing operations strategic decisions throughout the organization; again, these produce results long after Becky is gone
  • Involved employees that understand both what and why, and contribute to improving the how
  • Predictive and performance metrics tied to problem solving processes and accountabilities that ensure poor strategy or ineffective implementation is recognized and corrected

This service is optimal for:

  • Companies that believe they know where they want to go and how they want to get there, and recognize the power of external expertise on success.
  • Companies that struggle with “maintaining the gains” and want to ensure their strategy becomes ingrained.
  • Companies who are not satisfied with Delusional Excellence®.