Sounding Board

Just Listen to Me and Tell Me Where I’m Wrong!

Sometimes you need a trusted expert available for real-time consultation to speed your current efforts. Whether you are stuck or want a second opinion, Becky will challenge your thinking and offer hers on matters of importance. If you can trust yourself to ask for help when you need it, you’re in the right place.

Common results include:

  • The confidence to move forward with decisions despite internal objections
  • A better option to consider in accomplishing the goals
  • The value of knowing that a “yes man” will NEVER be on the other end of the conversation
  • The expertise to stop the analysis when it’s time and encourage a decision

This service is optimal for:

  • Operations and company leaders without an internal peer with whom to comfortably discuss business and operational challenges
  • Executives with the self assurance to leverage external expertise
  • Leaders committed to continued learning through honest responses and tough questions

“Becky is a first class business professional and always focused on the business objectives of the customer. She has the unique ability to bridge the gap between; service consultancy, the needs and expectations of client Management and those of the end user. Becky always worked toward a win win for client Management and the end user. Class A performer”

Art Koch, Director Supply Chain, Avery-Dennison