Board of Advisors / Directors

Stop the GroupThink and Be Accountable to a Board!

Many privately held companies count on their CPA, attorney or banker to give them advice. Those advisors certainly bring value, and are best augmented by an official board that brings accountability, hard questions, and is not afraid of “losing the account.” Boards of Advisors give advice; Boards of Directors make decisions. Becky’s diverse background brings value in both situations.

Common results include:

  • Improved results emanating from insights overlooked by others
  • Consistent executive focus on the most important priorities
  • Introspection and modified behaviors by owners now able to listen to outside experts
  • Focus on creating success of the entire organization rather than on past financial performance
  • Fiduciary responsibility to support the best interests of all stakeholders
  • An entirely new view of what is possible

This service is optimal for:

  • Privately held companies under $1B in sales
  • Companies with existing boards that could benefit from operational expertise
  • Companies that value external accountability and guidance

“Becky stands apart from the myriad business, productivity, lean, and operations consultants. Becky brings first-rate skills to every engagement. Her personal work experience in operations coupled with her passion for continuous learning & growth make her the equivalent of several different consultants. Becky’s integrity and dedication to each client make her special.”

Brian Fink, VP Operations, Mantaline