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I am in the process of writing the 2nd Edition of my e-book, Strategic Profits. The first edition of Strategic Profits is no longer available.

In the interim you will receive a PDF of the Quick-Reference Guide to my latest published book — Manufacturing Mastery: The Path to Building Successful and Enduring Manufacturing Businesses.

You’ll be able to download the 2nd Edition of Strategic Profits later this year.



As a long-time consultant and speaker I have seen, heard, and learned a lot.

For example, business owners are like snowflakes: no two are alike. Some are focused on top line growth; others on the bottom line; others on having a positive impact on the world.

This e-book reflects over three decades of observations of how the best companies make strategic profit decisions, and others simply make decisions that impact profitability. Every choice has consequences, some short term and others over a longer horizon, and each is made in a context that may be of short or long term duration.

It’s free, it’s easy, and you will find incredible value in both the e-book and the newsletters.

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