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Business strategy, operations strategy, and mission, vision and core values are inextricably linked. Any leader of a manufacturing company who didn’t realize that before March of 2020 has certainly experienced the reality since. For some of you operations finally reached the board meeting agenda. Sadly it’s because of sudden and major shifts in supply and demand of a wide swath of goods and services that most operations were not prepared to handle.

While no strategy could have prepared your business for many of the immediate impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic, and a new or modified strategy is required for each of your businesses, an effective operations strategy could have limited the upheaval. As you work through current challenges, many lessons are there for the taking.

My latest book, published by Taylor & Francis in Sept 2021, is written for mission-driven closely held manufacturing businesses between $100M – $1B, and offers value for all manufacturers that want to build an enduring business. This Quick Reference Guide to the book summarizes several key points and will provoke thinking.

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Manufacturing Mastery Quick-Reference Guide