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AME Target Online - (Dec 16, 2015)
3D printing: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

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AME Target Online - (Nov 18, 2015)
It's that time of year again

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AME Target Online - (Oct 16, 2015)
Are You Sure You're Not Next?

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BONEZone - (Fall 2010)
A Supply Chain Manager's Guide to Strategic Purchasing, OR
How to be on top of things instead of having things on top of you!

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BONEZone - Fall 2008
Capturing the Outsourcing Advantage
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Electrical Business - (June/July 2006)
Terminal uniqueness limits operations
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San Antonio Business Journal - (May, 2006)
The future of manufacturing in S.A. is now
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Target - (Vol. 22, Number 2, Second Issue 2006)
Creating Organizational Alignment
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Business Update - (December, 2005)
Innovation: The "Lifeblood" of Business Evolution
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Target - (Vol. 21, Number 5, Fifth Issue 2005)
Implementing Lean Throughout the Extended Enterprise
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Builders Exchange - (June, 2005)
The Winning Horse
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Builders Exchange - (January, 2005)
What is this thing called Lean?
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Crain's Cleveland Business - (January, 2005)
Wake Up, Manufacturing
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BoneZone - (Summer, 2005)
Operations Strategy: The Missing Link
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Machine Design - (March 4, 2004) Read Article
Cutting your way to prosperity may cost you your business
MWorld - (Winter, 2004)
Operations Strategy: The Forgotten Link
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Window & Door - (February, 2004) Read Article
Reducing Manufacturing Costs Without Outsourcing  
Becky took the year 2003 off on article writing for general publication...
Inside Supply Management (December, 2002) Read Article
Never Lean Enough  
APICS The Performance Advantage
(July/Aug, 2002)
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A Little Lean  
Banker & Tradesman (April, 2002) Read Article
Flexible Space Key to Surviving Constant
Industry Fluctuations