Finish Strong®:
Operations as Competitive Advantage

What Does Finish Strong® Have to do With Competitive Advantage?

Finish Strong® is Becky’s trademarked process for creating operational excellence that creates competitive advantage.

Finish Strong® ® is based on the premise that operations is much more than an implementation tool, or a means to an end. Operations is the strategic function that delivers competitive advantage, profitability and brand loyalty to the marketplace. Or doesn’t.

Finish Strong® begins with an understanding of the market and company goals. It then creates operational systems that build in completed work. It is dotting operational i’s and crossing operational t’s.

Your company cannot afford to be sloppy if you want it to be great. Integral to success is the commitment to Finish Strong®.

What is Competitive Advantage?

Finish Strong®

Competitive advantage exists when one company is perceived to be better than its competition in meeting the needs of the market in one or more critical capabilities.

For example, if your market buys on price, the company that can sell at the lowest price has competitive advantage. If you live here, follow the example of Perdue Foods.  In the 1970s that company made brand of chicken important for the first time, making price much less influential in the purchase decision. In an environment where the first to the bottom wins, everyone obviously loses.  Currently health and environmental aspects  frequently differentiate in what were commodity markets.

Most markets buy on factors other than (or in addition to) price.  Delivery lead-times, quality/reliability, customization, customer service, and innovation are just a few examples.

How Does Operations Provide Competitive Advantage (or NOT)?

When your operations provide excellence, reliability, repeatability and predictability, the market will take notice and be willing to pay for the advantages of doing business with you.

Partnership relationships that provide competitive advantage to the customer over competing supply chains are increasingly critical.

Thriving companies are those that provide competitive advantage, and do so in ways that meet the needs of all stakeholders. Manufacturers that lag behind will struggle to survive.


If you are committed to the operational excellence that profitably develops and delivers the competitive advantage touted by your business and marketing strategies, leverage Fulcrum’s expertise to accelerate your journey.