Volume 15 Number 3 - March 7, 2017


Becky Morgan Inducted Into Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame

Becky Morgan, president of Fulcrum ConsultingWorks, Inc. based in Cleveland OH, is the newest inductee into the Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, one of only seventy five in the world so honored since the Hall's inception in 2006. Joining her this year are Lisa Larter (Canada), Evan Bulmer (Australia), Andy Bass (England), and Ali Brown and Kris Putnam-Walkerly (United States).

Criteria for election include:

  • Serving as an exemplar to others in the profession.
  • Manifesting the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and accountability.
  • Achieving significant annual revenue and profit improvement.
  • Contributing intellectual capital to the consulting profession.
  • Engaging in continuing, challenging, personal and professional development.
  • Taking prudent risk and demonstrating resilience.

The citation includes:

Becky Morgan provides brilliant operational strategic thinking to her mid-market manufacturing clients. Her ability to envision and create improved choreography of all aspects of manufacturing operations that seamlessly support company vision has created dramatic client results. Consultant, speaker, and author, her most recent book is Start Smart, Finish Strong Forging Your Path to Operational Excellence and Long-Term Success in the Manufacturing World. She is known for: Transforming Operations. Transforming Business.®

The award was announced at the Mentor Summit in Dallas TX on February 15, 2017 by Dr. Alan Weiss.

At the presentation he noted, "These are the best of the best and I'm proud to cite Becky as my colleague and friend." The installation included the notation of "...the distinction of being regarded by peers as one of the world leaders in consulting, as evidenced by empirical accomplishments in client results, professional contributions, and intellectual property."

You, the readers of my monthly newsletter, may wonder how this article helps you improve your business. If nothing else, it reaffirms your decision to utilize my expertise, whether my IP, consulting, or business advice. It also allows me to share with you my experience that a clear vision executed well can bring unexpected recognition. I'd love to help you be declared "best of the best" in your industry.

Transforming Operations. Transforming Business.®

Let's discuss how Manufacturing Greatness can help you become a better manufacturing operations leader. Additionally, my latest book, Start Smart, Finish Strong: Forging Your Path to Operational Excellence and Long-Term Success in the Manufacturing World is available at Amazon, Kindle, and iBooks.

Operations as The Essence of Success

The Starting Pistol

Indira Gandhi:
"The power to question is the basis of all human progress.”

The Tape

Rebecca Morgan:
"Questioning. Challenging. Prodding. Discovery. These are required for any organization to move forward. Without them, entropy ensues."

March 28-29, 2017: Chicago, IL: I have not attended this conference personally, but have heard good things about it. Generis (a for profit company that hosts workshops and conferences) is presenting the American Manufacturing Summit with a variety of speakers and networking opportunities. The agenda includes lean, innovation, and technology throughout the supply chain.

May 2-3, 2017: Ogden UT: If you've never seen a world class manufacturing organization up close, this is your chance. Autoliv has agreed to host a 1.5 day workshop for AME, showing many of their processes and systems. As Tom Hartman would say, "you can see it in the eyes of our people."

May 8-10, 2017: Cleveland, OH: The Industry Week Manufacturing and Technology Conference (previously IW Best Plants) includes presentations, plant visits, keynotes, technology demonstrations, and an opportunity to learn more from others and share what you know.

May 23-25, 2017: Phoenix, AZ: Disruptions large and small confront today's supply chains on a daily basis. The Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference is an opportunity to meet with the best to be exposed to their transformational strategies.

Check out the Events page on our webiste for more information.

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