Volume 16 Number 11 - November 6, 2018


Voting within your company happens. Any idea what the participation rates are?

A majority of adult Americans do not vote in our elections. Why is that? Simply because they don't believe their vote matters. They believe nothing will change anyway.

Why do some not vote in other countries? One recent Russian immigrant told me he never voted in Russia because he didn't want to vote to support the existing government and he didn't want to be caught voting for anyone else.

Voting in your company can be accomplished by leaving, or by staying.

The vote of staying may well be that of the Russian man or our unregistered and nonparticipative voters. If staying is a real vote it includes speaking up and the belief that input and ideas will be considered.

In elections we want to believe that our side may not win, but our vote counts. In companies, it's the same thing.

How long is the line to vote within your organization? If turnout is low, you know why.

The Starting Pistol

Leonardo da Vinci:
"Learning never exhausts the mind."

The Tape

Rebecca Morgan:
"Not learning exhausts every part of a person."

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