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Sample Interview Questions


With so many manufacturing jobs going away, is it just a matter of time before manufacturing is completely dead in the United States?

Why should a new college graduate, or high school graduate for that matter, consider a career in manufacturing?

How important are technology advances like RFID to manufacturers?

What is the future of unions in American manufacturing?

What can domestic manufacturers do to compete with low wage rate country competitors?

Many manufacturers are bringing operations back from China. Was it a mistake for them to go there in the first place?

Can sustainability and manufacturing co-exist?


Why do so few companies think about operations as strategically as they think about marketing, branding, and leadership?

Everyone talks about the importance of metrics, i.e., key operational measures. What is your advice to a company that is deciding what metrics they should use?

How should a business decide whether or not to outsource?

What are the most significant factors that impact the success of a decision to expand a business?

How is "Lean Manufacturing" being successfully applied in other industries, particularly service industries like Health Care?

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